The New Reality, Success for Non-Profits in 2022

The pandemic impacted the non-profit world reducing donations in some areas and increasing donations in other areas. Corporate Sponsors are more interested in aligning with social good than we’ve ever experienced!

You have an opportunity to do a reset. Are you prepared?

EMME Solutions specializes in social impact campaigns that can ignite your 2022 plan, helping you define and exceed your goals. We are offering free 30 Minute marketing & sponsorship assessments to help:

1) Increasing number & value of donors

2) Building a corporate sponsorship offering that attracts 6-figure donors

3) Increasing national awareness

EMME Solutions works with non-profits of all sizes. We’ve spent years helping to build financial growth and attract media attention to our partners. Click here for examples on our homepage.

Take 2 Simple Steps to Supercharge Your Growth in 2022

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Non-Profit Introductory Information Questionnaire

Initial questions to prepare for non-profit consultation calls

EMME Solutions is a great marketing partner that finds brand solutions and can help leverage relationships to help fund those efforts successfully.

John WordinFounder and Chairman, Life Aid Research Institute

EMME helped MCAP integrate its initiatives to its day-to-day operations allowing for future growth and sustainability. For the first time ever, we were able to share our story through videos, social media platforms, billboards, and other innovative ways. Because of EMME’s devotion to MCAP’s mission, MCAP continues to help more children each year and will do so for years to come.

Mary C. Pugh, Esq.Executive Director

EMME Solutions helped us recognize the importance of brand consistency and presented effective ways to communicate our message to a targeted audience.

Ellen RobertsDigital Director of Marketing, NAMI